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Jazz Rotation 2012: Earl Watson will be out to start the season - who should be the backup PG?


Early on this off-season the Utah Jazz traded Mehmet Okur s trade exception and the draft rights to Tadija Dragicevic in that four team trade and brought back Mo Williams. We brought him "home", as we drafted him and lost him after his rookie year. He's going to start. He's going to get the most minutes at point guard spot. There's no one to challenge him starting. And no one will challenge him.

What is currently under-explained is who is going to be his backup to start the season. Earl Watson was the guy who backed up Devin Harris and was an integral part of our bench two seasons ago. Last season not so much, though. He's still capable -- when healthy. He's not healthy right now. He's out.

Who is in the running?

  • Jamaal Tinsley - whom we all know I loved from day one (sarcasm) - has won me over. He's a vets vet, he didn't get into any trouble last year, and is a pass first distributor. He gets the young guys the ball, and he does it without taking shots away. If our attempted play breaks down he has enough experience to create something for others. And he did so many times last year. He's also ancient.
  • Randy Foye was signed as a free agent, and was drafted as a combo guard but tended towards being a point guard. Over the last two season, though, he has played almost exclusively at shooting guard. Even in his photo op with the team he was announced or explained to be here to play shooting guard. Barf. Foye has years of experience playing PG, with the Timberwolves and Wizards. Those aren't great teams - but our bench is going to need someone with experience to rein the guys in.
  • Alec Burks - I'm using his legal name here - played ZERO minutes of PG in the Orlando summer league. So, clearly, he's in the running to be a backup with the Jazz. (I don't even know who I am trolling anymore... probably me.)