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The Oh My Goodness Gracious Edition - The Downbeat #838

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Marvin Williams, one of the newest members of the Utah Jazz was busy last month. Like many current and former Jazz players, Marvin likes to give back for the blessings he has received being an NBA player.

The Kitsap Sun has an article about Marvin and his work to build the Marvin Williams Youth Recreation and Community Center. Marvin had a golf tournament, and participated in a 3-on-3 tournament. Marvin's mother's reaction to her son's work:

"It amazing," Gittens said. "A building that bears his name? Oh my goodness gracious."

Marvin talks of how he was always taught to give back by his parents, he feels building this rec center is a way he can give back to his community, his home town.

Marvin on the Jazz:

"I don't even know what to think, to be honest," he said. "When it first happened, it was one of those things that

like it wasn't real."

Marvin met with Ty Corbin and discussed his role with the Jazz. Marvin wouldn't go into specifics but said the Jazz seem really excited to have him.

Raja Bell is not new on the Jazz like Marvin Williams. Raja happily joined the team for a 2nd time in 2010. Raja is not so happy today on the Jazz. A while ago we heard about a possible buy-out between the Jazz and Raja. It appears that Raja is still in talks with the Jazz seeking this buy-out.

Real GM has the latest:

"We’re talking to their new GM [Dennis Lindsey] and working on it," agent Herb Rudoy said by phone.

Contrary to multiple reports last month that Bell had been refusing the buyout proposal from the Jazz, Rudoy confirmed that "he hasn’t rejected or accepted anything."

So since training camp opens soon, I imagine we'll find out soon the Jazz's plans for Raja Bell. I just know there are two sides to every story. I can't hate Raja and put this all on him. I can't hate Ty and think he is a horrible coach who handled the whole situation poorly. I recognize that they both made mistakes and hopefully Ty can learn from this experience as can Raja on a different team or with the Jazz if the buyout is not reached.

NBC sports has this as the Jazz depth chart. I imagine their guess is as good as ours at this point:


ESPN depth chart:


Amar talked some yesterday about our point guard depth. So looking at the rest, do you think these are accurate? I think the starting lineup is the safe/conservative lineup. The rest is pretty much the same except NBC obviously hasn't added Randy Foye. and ESPN has Burks further back which seems odd or predictable.

I imagine most of you have listened to the SLC Dunk podcast #2 by now. It was a lot of fun to participate in so I hope you had fun while listening to it.

Feel free to answer any of the eight questions we answered in the podcast

- Celebrity coach to replace Layden

- Choice of sideline Jazz fan celebrity

- Truth Serum question to a member of the Jazz front office/coaching staff

- One wish for the Jazz excluding a championship

- Leader in minutes, points, rebounds, assists

- Name a Jazz players secret talent

- Your favorite NBA team other than the Jazz

Speaking of awesome podcasts here is one from Grantland with the Van Gundy brothers.

JazzBasketball1 is at it again, posting incredible vintage Jazz highlights for our viewing pleasure:

I can't thank fans like JazzBasketball1 enough for sharing these treats with us. It is so fun to watch the old Jazz teams and reminisce of how things used to be. Watching Stockton and Malone and those 90s teams never ever gets old.