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Jazz Sign 2012 Draft Pick Kevin Murphy - Roster now officially 15


The Utah Jazz have signed their 2012 NBA Draft pick Kevin Murphy (Round 2, Pick 47). Terms are not released (yet...), but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Check out the press release at the Jazz home page here.

The roster is now 15 strong:

1 Mo Williams Randy Foye Gordon Hayward Paul Millsap Al Jefferson
2 Earl Watson Alec Burks Marvin Williams Derrick Favors Enes Kanter
3 Jamaal Tinsley Raja Bell DeMarre Carroll Jeremy Evans
4 Kevin Murphy

There appears to be some talks by the Jazz and Bell's agent about the buyout. So if that happens, the Jazz will retain an open roster spot. (Somehow this indicates progress)

P.S. Kevin Murphy is #55 for Tenn Tech in the pic above.