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Why some Jazz fans are happy, proud, and encouraged for their team this year

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Utah Jazz fans love the Jazz. Why wouldn't we? Part of why the fans are excited for this season is they saw the evolution of this team as they came together and fought hard (no tanking) for the playoffs and got it. They didn't make the playoffs because teams around them went easy on them. To make the playoffs the Jazz went on and won 16 of their last 23 games - it wasn't just some teams laying down in the last week. By finishing the season winning 16 of 23 they had a 69.6% winning percentage; and among the playoff teams they beat (or hopeful at that stage of the season) in March and April were the Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets. LA Lakers (in LA), Oklahoma City Thunder, and the eventual champions Miami Heat. Only Orlando (with Dwight Howard doing his thing) was at a star power disadvantage.

We love our team. Our team is on the rise. They may not be contenders now, but they have the parts to play hard, share the ball, and win games now.

Jazz win in LA w/o Big Al, and LA is at full health...

It's nothing to make national media guys impressed, but we like it. The #1 offensive problem for the Jazz last year was an inability to hit threes - and the Jazz added Randy Foye, Mo Williams, and Marvin Williams. The only major losses (sorry Blake Ahearn) are C.J. Miles, and Josh Howard. Enes Kanter is an Adonis. Gordon Hayward is more assertive. Derrick Favors is going to work out with Karl Malone. Alec Burks still has a chip on his shoulder.

We're going to be fine. Maybe not #4 - but I am absolutely certain that with the play of our C4 this year a lot of NBA people are going to notice us. By this time next year no one is going to be saying "What does Jazz player X have to do for them to even be good?" anymore. We will be good. Because our players are good. (Sorry for having to use Derrick Favors style syllogisms there).