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SLCDunk Clark and Andy Podcast #3 - Ranking the Jazz Roster, NFL envy, and what if Big Al Jefferson was never traded to Utah?

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Andy Larsen, the best Danish origin Utah Jazz blogger PERIOD, is somewhere in Texas for some thing that I never bothered to learn about. Instead, you're forced to suffer with ME, and my endless exposition while introducing the Clark and Andy Podcast #3. In it the dynamic duo discuss:

  1. Ranking the Jazz 15 Man Roster from best to worst (similar to Andy's Downbeat entry)
  2. What if the Jazz never made the Al Jefferson trade? Where would we be now?
  3. And Football. Why is it so popular? What can basketball (NBA and NCAA) do to get to the NFL heights?

Everybody, Everybody!

Here's the direct link to "Clark and Andy" #3. And you can also check them out at iTunes or Stitcher Radio.


(ED NOTE: I tired man, I tried to upload this file to the SB Nation servers 11 times. It did not work out. So . . . cat out of the bag . . . here's a VIDEO. And yes, I'm working on videos for SLC Dunk secretly! I've never even mentioned it to the other contributors here in meetings!)

Also, this may be a good time to ask Andy -- should we sent you to the Blogs w Balls conference in October? Or should the dude who lives in driving distance to that go instead?

Part 2 after the jump....

Part 2: