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Quick Poll -- More of everything . . . means . . . more downbeats too?


In recent polls and word of mouth (word of internet?) it seems like readers here love some of the changes we are going to implement. In terms of actual content, though, people wanted more of everything. This to me also means more of the #1 thing that people come to this site for -- the downbeats.

Right now we've transitioned from a 2 posts a day, 5 days a week site to a 24 hour, 7 days a week site that covers the Jazz from many angles and time zones. We have more people doing media work. More people doing rants. More people doing stats and research articles. We have more of everything except for that #1 thing that people come to the site for (according to the traffic data) . . . which are downbeats. With training camp looming there will be more and more Utah Jazz stories to cover. More players, more interviews, more quotes, more analysis. And we're not even TALKING about the games yet. Right now there's already a run-off that happens each week.

SLC Dunk has a great bunch of writers: Clark, Moni, Yucca, Diana, Prodigal Punk, and Andy. Those are six people. There are only five downbeats. What would you say to a Saturday downbeat?