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Utah Jazz Roster 2012: If you could change one player's look . . .

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Jazz have some interesting rules about looks and uniforms. Well, for one, they want things to be uniform. If this rule was eliminated though . . . what one change in look would you want to see?

  • Would it be allowing DeMarre Carroll to wear a head band? (Uniform change)
  • Would it be a minor cosmetic change, like Gordon Hayward with non-peach fuzz / baby teen wolf facial hair?
  • Would it be getting some crazy tats on Al Jefferson?
  • Maybe Jamaal Tinsley should have an afro?
  • Would it be giving a player the works? Enes Kanter + Mohawk + Beard = So much this

Suggest to your hearts content, and don't be afraid to rec the best!