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Hey! Andy's Back, and So Here is This Week's Podcast!

Harry How - Getty Images

Good news! I am back from my extended stay in Austin, which is a tremendous town containing hotels which have poor Wi-fi. As you may have noticed, we have had some problems uploading the podcast this week, meaning that Amar eventually just uploaded the whole thing to Youtube.

But now that I am back home, life is possible again, and so is podcast uploading! You can also find the new podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Here is the direct audio link:

SLCDunk Podcast #3

Again, here our our topics of conversation:

  1. Ranking the Jazz 15 Man Roster from best to worst.
  2. What if the Jazz never made the Al Jefferson trade? Where would we be now?
  3. And Football. Why is it so popular? What can basketball (NBA and NCAA) do to get to the NFL heights?

Do not fear, there will still be a new podcast upcoming early this week, and ideally without technical difficulties. As always, we're looking for feedback from you guys so that we can really nail this down, especially by the time the season rolls around.