Where does Hayward rank amongst West shooting guards this season?

Curious to see how everyone views Hayward in comparison to the rest of the Wests starting shooting guards. I'll be doing these rankings based on how I think the shooting guards will produce this upcoming season, not on how they'll perform in two years or how they've performed in the past.

1. Harden: Per-21.13. Opposing sg PER-13.4

I don't see his efficiency dropping any, and I imagine his usage increases this year.

2. Ginobli: PER-24.18. Opposing sg PER-12.1.

I would actually rank Ginobli one on this list if I thought his usage would be higher. I think Harden will have a greater impact on his team though because of Manu's limited minutes.

3. Kobe: PER-21.95. Opposing sg PER-11.8

Why do I have Kobe third? I think he easily is the most talented of the bunch, but his decision making is questionable. If he were to take less inefficient shots and lower his usage significantly, I think the Lakers could win it all. My prediction however, is that Kobe shoots the Lakers out of contention.

4. Eric Gordon: PER-19.23.

Because he missed so many games last year, his 82game stats weren't available. He's a legit 20pt/game player, and can be the focal point of an offense.

5. Iggy: PER-17.59. Opposing SG PER. 14.2 (held opposing sf to 10.1).

While not the best offensive player on the list, he's the best defender here. I could understand an argument of ranking him top 3.

6. Hayward-PER-15.59. Opposing SG PER-12.

If I were ranking this based on last years numbers, he'd be a few spots lower. However I'm ranking him based on what I think he'll accomplish next year. I base this prediction on what he accomplished post all star game. I think he'll be a 15ppg, 4reb, 4ast, while being a good defender and having a really great PPS (14th overall last season). If he upped his usage even more (I wish he would, but doubtful if AL stays), he could get up to 18 ppg and compete for an all star selection (I'd then rank him top 4).

7. K-Mart: PER-16.6. Opposing sg PER-12.6.

I would have thought his opponent sg per would be higher because of his defensive reputation (maybe it's his team defense?). He'll be the top dog on a bad team this year, and will put up good shooting/scoring numbers as usual.

7. Klay Thompson: PER-14.97. Opposing SG PER-11.4.

I think Klay Thompson is right with Hayward in terms of rising talent in the West. Depending on the talent around them, I could see making arguments for having Thompson over Hayward.

9. Tony Allen: PER- 15.7. Opposing SG PER-14.1

He's got a horrible shot, but he gets here purely for his defense, as he's a top 3 perimeter defender in the league.

10. Marcus Thortonton: Per-17.43. Opposing SG PER-17.6

He puts up decent offensive numbers (not the most efficient guy), and he's a pretty bad defender (which player on the Kings isn't?)

11. Wes Mathews: PER-14.12. Opposing SG PER-12.6

We loved Wesley for his hustle and defense and his ability to knock down open three's. He's been asked to do a bit more in Portland and it's dragged his game down somewhat.

12. O.J. Mayo: PER-14.76. Opposing SG PER-13.3.

The talent drops off considerably here. I don't understand how so many can still be so high on Mayo considering he's been awful the last two years, both offensively and defensively.

I don't even want to look up any stats on the last few guys........

13. Chauncey Billups- I don't know whose going to be worse this year coming back from injuries, Billups, or Roy.
14. Wes Johnson Jared Dudley will start at SG. Wesley Johnson had a PER of 8......yikes.
15. Brandon Roy- Again, past injuries will seriously limit him.

I know these are big expectations for Hayward to meet, but I feel pretty confident about him getting to this level :)

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