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The Downbeat #847 - The Day After Edition

Steve Dykes - Getty Images

So, ladies and gentlemen . . . Day 1 of the new site has happened. And let's be honest, change can be frightening, especially from OUR end. There's a specific reason why you haven't been bombarded with a ton of new content right off the bat - and that's because we're all still trying to get a feel for this website and what it can and cannot do now. I'm trying my best to figure out how to make our new home more like our old home. I've read all the comments about the site in Andy's Downbeat from yesterday, and also the specific thread about the issues we have. And let's not forget that -hey- I have issues with this site too.

But I can't give up, because we have an awesome community here. And once the games start we'll have a common enemy to fight against - instead of worrying about a new website format.

Oh, and by the way . . . the games ARE going to start very soon.

Preseason Date Game Time
Game 1 . MON Oct 8 2012 . Utah Jazz @ Golden State Warriors . 8:30 PM
Game 2 . FRI Oct 12 2012 . Oklahoma City Thunder @ Utah Jazz . 7:00 PM
Game 3 . SAT Oct 13 2012 . Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers . 8:30 PM
Game 4 . TUE Oct 16 2012 . Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Lakers . 8:00 PM
Game 5 . WED Oct 17 2012 . Utah Jazz @ Los Angeles Clippers . 8:30 PM
Game 6 . SAT Oct 20 2012 . Los Angeles Clippers @ Utah Jazz . 7:00 PM
Game 7 . MON Oct 22 2012 . Utah Jazz @ Portland Trail Blazers . 8:00 PM
Game 8 . THUR Oct 25 2012 . Portland Trail Blazers @ Utah Jazz . 7:00 PM

Yeah, the first game is 12 days away . . . from TODAY. To be fair, that gives the team a week of practice. And it gives the SLC Dunk team a few weeks (almost) to try to find out how to work this new battle station. (Which I guarantee will be fully operational in time.)

So you may or may not have heard that . . . well . . . The Salt Lake Tribune is going to be without a few people this NBA Season. One of them you may have read a lot of: Brian T. Smith. Smith is leaving the Trib (and the twitter handle @tribjazz) to take a job covering the Houston Astros in the MLB for the Houston Chronicle. In his stead, Bill Oram (@oramb) will be the primary Utah Jazz beat writer for the SL Trib.

The Trib is also losing Michael C. Lewis (@MCLTribune), who covered the PAC-12, MLS, and the Olympics for them. It sucks that newspapers continue to lose writers. I can only speculate on why these two are leaving, but it is no secret that print isn't doing so hot right now. After all, I'm sure the horse carriage industry didn't do so great after Henry Ford busted out his automated horseless carriage. Similarly, I'm sure the people who used to hand write books were upset when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. Now in the digital, wireless era of information . . . waiting for a one time delivery of yesterday's news doesn't seem as cutting edge. But like I said, I can only speculate on these two moves. Maybe Lewis is moving on to his dream job, or that BTS was actually an MLB fan who toiled with the NBA for so many years as his second choice? I don't know. I can only relay this information. I do know that the former Jazz beat writer for the SL Trib, Ross Siler (@RossSiler) is a Law Student now.

Still, it's sad to see members of our Jazz family move on to other teams. It sucks that Devin Harris is off the team and with the Atlanta Hawks, I personally felt like he deserved a full season here with a full training camp. It sucks that Scott Layden is off the team now too, doing his thing in the front office of the San Antonio Spurs. And out of all the people who have left, it would be unfair not to include Brian T. Smith. He wrote for the team we love, and he will be missed as well.

On the positive side, Bill Oram is the new guy we all should follow and yell at!

Since the 1985-86 season till today, there have been only 66 single games by a Utah Jazz player where he scored 40 or more points in a game. Clearly, yes, 48 of those 66 games were games where Karl Malone had 40+. The remaining 18 games were scored by 10 different players. Can you guess them? I'll give you a hint: five of them played on team with Karl, and 5 played for the Jazz after Karl retired.



Well, if you are done guessing, the full list is over here. Karl was a beast, and what a real first option played like. This is something we here at a Jazz blog should agree with.

This is one of the best videos I've seen all off-season. I can understand that some of you may not be watching these regularly, but I am. And man, David Locke is so on point on a number of things I just had to share this.

Most importantly, this generation of kids . . . man . . . I don't even know where to start. Why can't you all be more like Alec and Andy? Or more like Gordon Hayward?

Also -- Lots of Jazz stuff to come the rest of this week! You will be reeling!