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SLC Dunk -- Best Posts of the Off-Season Part 2

We wrote a lot, you may have missed some good stuff from June 15th to 28th.

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Here's the selection for Part 2:

Date Topic Title of Post
June 15 Reader Poll Which Jazz player would excel the most in the International Game?
June 17 NBA Draft Utah Jazz Draft Strategy
June 17 Fun Stuff 16 on the 16th: Jazz Swag - June Edition
June 18 Jazz Team System issues and the dream of continuity
June 19 Jazz Team Quantitative Continuity -- A look at the Jazz lineups from last year to this year
June 19 Strategy Can the Jazz afford to keep ignoring the three?
June 19 Reader Poll What one issue do you want to see resolved by this time next season?
June 20 Jazz Players The Best Game from Each of the Jazz Players in 2011-2012
June 20 NBA Draft Measuring Kevin O'Connor's Draft Success
June 20 Jazz Players Jazz center Al Jefferson isn't as bad as some of us think he is
June 21 NBA Free Agency Taking a chance, and why we took a chance on Josh Howard
June 22 NBA Draft Grading Jazz Draft history, finding that dream player, and why the draft will always be a crap shoot
June 23 Strategy The ones and twos of threes
June 25 Jazz Players Traditionally speaking -- Al Jefferson is the best Jazz center since Mark Eaton
June 26 Jazz Players Potential, reality, diamonds in the rough, and fool's gold
June 26 Jazz Players Moneyball, Josh Howard, and the Future
June 27 NBA Draft Keeping up with the 2nd round Draft-stashians
June 27 NBA DL The Utah Jazz and the NBA-DL: A funny quirk
June 28 NBA Draft All of the guys we worked out
June 28 NBA Draft Jazz select Tennessee Tech's Kevin Murphy at #47

Yes, there was a lot of NBA Draft stuff here, from grading our previous draft picks, who we "should have taken", and of course, leading up to drafting Kevin Murphy. Also in this batch are a number of takes on Al Jefferson and Josh Howard.

Of particular interest to me was Diana's 16 on the 16th. I'd love to resurrect this series. Maybe we should do one for the 1st Jazz preseason home game?

And, of course, we took a look at some of the strategic decisions of our team, in particular, we looked at the three point line a little bit.