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Utah Jazz sign four free agents to Training Camp contracts: Brian Butch, Trey Gilder, Darnell Jackson, and Chris Quinn

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Utah Jazz have just reported that they have signed four free agents to Training Camp contracts: Brian Butch, Trey Gilder, Darnell Jackson, and Chris Quinn. To be fair, these guys are all fringe NBA players.

  • Brian Butch has played 56 games in two non-consecutive years in the NBA DL for Bakersfield. He's a 6'11 bigman who has NBA DL averages of 17 and 11, and gets to the line 4.5 times a game while hitting over 70% of his freebies. He's 'okay' at blocks and steals, but this is the NBA DL we're talking about. Unless you can score 50 here you're not going to wow me.
  • Trey Gilder has actually played in the NBA before, with the Memphis Grizzlies, and scored 2 points. He was cut shortly after. He's a 6'9 guy who weighs less than 200 lbs . . . where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, Jeremy Evans, but without the athleticism. He has played in 129 NBA DL games, and has career averages of 15, 6, and 2. I already like him better than Josh Howard.
  • Darnell Jackson has played in 138 actual NBA games. He was drafted by the Miami Heat, and played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, and Sacramento Kings. He's a 6'9 bigman who shot 48.7 fg% last year. So there's that.
  • Chris Quinn, well, he's a former Miami Heat starting point guard (25 starts in 2007-08!), who has also played for the New Jersey Nets and San Antonio Spurs -- and has an NBA career lasting 234 games. He's an okay three point shooter (career 38.2 3pt%), but not much of a point guard. His PER 36 minute values at the NBA level are 12 and 5. He's getting a look here in training camp because a) we need more spot up three point shooters to surround Big Al, and b) we obviously can't play Randy Foye or Alec Burks at the PG spot.

None of these guys are going to make the team. But I'm glad to have them. For the record though, we have 4 PGs and 5 bigs, and are bringing in 1 more PG and 2 more bigs. Pretty sneaky, Jazz.