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SLC Dunk -- Best Posts of the Off-Season Part 4

We wrote a lot, you may have missed some good stuff. Here are some "can't miss" posts from July 1st to 14th.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Please note that these do not include any Downbeats -- I'm just assuming that you are reading all of those. And if not, they are featured prominently on the site for you to find them if you missed a few. And the Best FanPosts of the season will come after.

As for now, let's take a look at the first two weeks of July:

Date Topic Title of Post
July 1 NBA Draft Draft Grades for Every Boy and Girl
July 2 NBA Free Agency SB Nation's Tom Ziller Ranks this off-seasons crop of Free Agents
July 3 Statistics Statistical Analysis: Marvin Williams, Josh Howard, C.J. Miles, and Andrei Kirilenko (2009-10 to Present Day)
July 3 Opinion Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor is kicking butt right now
July 4 Statistics Statistical Analysis: Mo Williams and Devin Harris (2009-10 to Present Day)
July 4 Summer League
Utah Jazz 16 Man Roster (For reals this time)
July 5 Jazz Transactions Why the Jazz should sign Paul Millsap to a $10 Million per Year Extension
July 6 Jazz Roster Salary Review one week into Free Agency
July 9 Jazz Players Deron's Few Thoughts About the Jazz
July 13 Summer League
Jazz Autopsy -- Per 36 Min Values
July 14 History The Best Passers at their Best: The 34 NBA Player small 20+ Assists in a Game Club
July 14 Jazz Players Saying Goodbye to Devin Harris
July 14 Videos Alec Burks Rookie Season Mix by Misiek
July 14 Videos Enes Kanter Rookie Season Mix by Misiek

There's the necessary opinions, statistics, and reporting on the Devin Harris vs Mo Williams issue; and the Marvin Williams against Josh Howard, C.J. Miles, and Andrei Kirilenko as well.

We also had all of summer league in these two weeks (yikes), and some nice rookie mixes from someone OTHER than the irreplaceable memoismoney.

The rest of free agency looms large, and I loved Andy's piece on why we should give Paul Millsap the $10 million a year.