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The 48 Second Jazz Preview Edition -The Downbeat #848

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Can you believe next week at this time we will be having Downbeats about training camp! It is really hard to believe that the season is upon us. The summer flew by for me but at the same time it seems like it *literally* has been years since we have had games.

The Jazz announced their open scrimmage:


The scrimmage is my favorite event during the season. The Jazz are kind to put this event on for the fans. I remember growing up and hearing about the free scrimmage they held in Boise after training camp, I was always jealous. I am glad the Jazz have decided to bring the scrimmage to Utah.

Its a fun event where fans get to see the players close up, first come first serve seating, players do warm ups, they do drills, and then you get a 40 minute scrimmage (if my memory serves me right on the time)

The first year I went to the scrimmage, I caught Boozer's signed shoe, it was pretty cool. Deron threw his shoe to the section next to ours, and Boozer in ours. I don't know why but I kind of wanted Deron's a little more, but it was still cool to get a shoe!

The Jazz's roster stands at 19 so far going into next week's training camp. The Jazz have signed four players:


Check out the article about these four players at the Jazz's website.

Yesterday in Locke's tipoff he mentioned that maybe the Jazz could invite Memo Okur to camp. As a Memo fan I would absolutely love this move. Although if they cut Memo I'd be crushed like I was when he was traded. Memo is a great option for our 5th big. Memo is willing to accept any role with the team and we know he is a good chemistry, team player.

I wonder if they bring him in as security if they trade Al/Paul during the season. Memo once again would be that great backup who wouldn't demand many minutes.

Steve Kerr did a Jazz preview for NBATV. It is 48 seconds long. As we are not able to embed videos from, make sure to watch it here.

Kerr says:

Kevin O'Connor did a great job building through the draft.

Is interested to see how the young players develop

the young players will show improvements question is will they do it collectively as a group

Interesting that all the talk was about the young kids. There was no talk about Al or Paul or the pickups of the summer. Nor the assets we have with the expiring contracts. Everyone really wants to know what the C4 can do together.

If you were Dennis Lindsey what would you do with the all the expiring contracts we'll have at the end of the season? Do we play the season out like we did with Boozer or do you trade some of them to get value now? I think it would be a little scary to see both Al and Paul leave in free agency and get nothing in return for them.

NBA .com wrote a great article about Dennis Lindsey a few weeks ago.

"When you're a rival, you always hate to see the Jazz coming, because you know nothing is ever going to come easy," Lindsey said. "But at the same time, when you're around them so much of the time, you get a good look at the operation and all you can do is admire what they've built."

'What you get with Dennis is a guy who can make use of all the modern numbers and analytics of today and combine them with a coach's eye and feel. Oh, and he's never afraid to give you his opinion. He'll tell you if disagrees and then give you the reasons why. I know Rudy appreciated that and I'm sure Gregg Popovich did too in San Antonio. There are guys that you just know can lead."

And then his wife's funny comment at the end of the article:

"On the night Dennis got the job, my wife called up his wife to give her congratulations," Dawson said. "She said, 'You know I love you, Becky. But now I'm going to have to figure out a way to stop hating the Jazz.' "

I seriously can't wait for the season to begin. So excited to see our guys back in action. Jazzbasketball1 uploaded another fabulous video this week.