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SLC Dunk - Training Camp Events Schedule

This is important

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

For the Utah Jazz training camp will start on Monday. For us here at SLC Dunk -- Training camp starts Saturday. Why? What? How? We don't know how the system works, so we're going to do a dry run. On Saturday we'll try to simulate the game day experience so we can work out any bugs. No other blog is doing this, but this shows you how selectively organized we are here.

Saturday, 29th of Sept = SLC Training Camp.

We will have a game preview up at lunch time. We will have a game thread up at 7:30 Mountain time. And in that thread we'll have a link to a full game to watch. We'll watch the game together -- hopefully all of us pressing "play" at the same time on the YouTube video. We'll try to comment as usual, and I will monitor how things are going.

After the game we'll have a quick Post-Game thread, and then later that night a review of the game.

And we're going to be trying some really COO-OOOL that night, so keep up.

Just show up here around 7:15-ish PM on Saturday night. (C'mon, what else were you going to do? Go on dates?)