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Super Breaking News: Multiple sources announce Raja Bell will not attend Jazz training camp!

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Multiple sources (Des News Jody Genessy mainly) is announcing that Raja Bell and Utah Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey have agreed that Raja Bell will not attend training camp, and I guess, is a step in the right direction towards not having any more "DNP-Raja Bell" in the boxscore for Alec Burks anymore.

Read all the good news here, and here, and here. Thanks to @DJJazzyJody for being the best bearer of great news!

Now Jazz fans, I think you all know how I feel . . .

And thank you Raja Bell for doing the right thing.

Hope you get bought out soon and move on.

Once a Jazzman, always a Jazzman.

If you play again in the NBA, I will not boo you.