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Bulls @ Jazz Game Day Injury Update

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

At this part of the season everyone is a little banged up. This we know, but some guys are more overtly in trouble than others:

  • Dennis Rodman (CHI) - Injured right thumb: I don't know how Rodman got hurt, but one can assume he was putting it in something that wasn't made for thumbs. Rodman with a hurt hand, and Luc Longley is too slow to hinder Malone . . . hmm . . . if Karl can take advantage of these guys and put them in foul trouble it could be a field day. Really, Dickey Simpkins isn't going to stop Karl either.
  • Jeff Hornacek (UTA) - Achilles tendon strain: This is kind of the same problem the Bulls have with Rodman. Rodman needs his hands to get rebounds. Hornacek needs his legs to get shots off and run around screens (on offense and defense). Horny losing his athleticism is something we're used to, but this is really going to hurt Hornacek on defense. That said, the Jazz are more capable at replacing what Horny gives on defense with Bryon Russell, Shandon Anderson, and Chris Morris all available.
  • Adam Keefe (UTA) - Keefe is still sick with the flu, and hasn't played since Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals

All three guys will be suiting up and ready to play. I would assume Rodman and Hornacek both start.