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Bulls @ Jazz Halftime Update: Jazz up 45 - 40

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

NBA Playoffs 1998: NBA Finals, Game 1

Chicago Bulls (0-0) @ Utah Jazz (0-0) , Delta Center: 8:35 EST

The Utah Jazz are leading at halftime 45-40 over the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls started off less sluggish than the Jazz, but did not capitalize early. The first quarter finished 17 all. In the second quarter the Jazz were led by their deeper bench and seem to be in control of the game. Karl Malone has been struggling early and taking a lot of jumpers. Michael Jordan is getting whatever he wants. So far the difference seems to be the bench play. Bryon Russell (a starter), Howard Eisley, Shandon Anderson, and Chris Morris have helped their teams. The Bulls will need an answer in the second half.