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SLC Dunk News and Notes:

Eric O

Hey all, there are a few things to discuss:

  • The hardware for the SB Nation has been upgraded, but the new system is getting hit hard over the first week or so, which negatively affects performance. The right people are working on fixing that.
  • The software also appears to have bugs in it, which they are working on. Many of the bugs we have here happen on other sites as well. And again, the right people for the job are working on fixing those problems.
  • Some of the main issues that I have are the same ones that you have, and are the same ones that thousands of other people are having - long load times (especially on mobile platforms), no clue on if new comments have been added to a story, incorrect number of comments displaying for a story, etc.
  • There are some things we are just going to have to live with right now until other major changes happen. I have no control over the fonts here, or how many of them show up. I research stuff. Write stuff. And post stuff. And the website formats it in a way that I can't really do anything about.
  • The design of the page is going to go through some changes as well over the course of the season, and as news happens, even over the course of a single day. We're working on these ideas -- while trying to give all of us the best experience possible for finding the things that are important right now. (And what is important right now on Sept 30th isn't going to be the thing that is important right now, on January 17th)
  • The last few days, reaching a climax yesterday, we tried our a dry run / test run on how we're going to handle game day info. All of the info, from the game preview, updates, starting lineups, injuries, the game thread, a halftime update, and game recaps -- will all go into a Story Stream. We did a whole test game, which was Game 1 of the 1998 NBA Finals. You should check out the stream here, and tell me what you think.

This is the MOST important thing -- the great people over at the Clippers blog did a whole post on explaining the new website and how it compares to the old site. If you take a look at their guide it somewhat makes the transition a little easier.

I highly recommend clicking on it and reading it (it's in picture form), so I'm linking to it again here.