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SLC Dunk -- Best FanPosts of the Off-Season Part 2

All the FanPosts are amazing . . . but these . . . wow!

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

I love all the FanPosts. I should highlight them more. Here is just a bunch of them from July:

Date Username Title of Post Comments
July 3 JoeBountiful KOC talking to himself about Kirilenko 12
July 3 millerjryan Could we get Jabari 9
July 4 Irvs53 Jazz on track to win 14/15 Finals 1
July 5 thatdoolinkid Marvin Williams: Work Ethic or System Issues? 20
July 7 jazzyman Contrary to popular belief, Big Al should stay in Utah 22
July 12 clint.johnson.bball Why the Jazz should NOT sign Paul Millsap to a $10 Million per year extension (Unless…) 54
July 13 BillM7x7 Anytime a Warriors Fan ever opens their mouth again . . . 2
July 13 thatdoolinkid I need some help 77
July 20 BillM7x7 Sap Probably isn't a 3 4
July 24 BillM7x7 Iguodala Is a Unicorn 13
July 30 BillM7x7 All Things 3rd Best Jazzman @ All-Time Jazz Rosters/Lineups 11
July 31 Irvs53 Jazz future salary cap scenarios 1
July 31 thatdoolinkid New Point Guard Stats Comparison 18

Hope you enjoy them : )

And sorry if I missed a few, I'll keep trying to find all the best ones in time and highlight them!