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Rapper J. Cole, who went to college at St. John's, likes Mark Jackson, thinks the Utah Jazz are boring. Shocking!

The PLAYOFFS are THIS WAY, so we must go in the opposite direction!
The PLAYOFFS are THIS WAY, so we must go in the opposite direction!

I don't know anything about modern music. Well, I don't know anything about modern music besides what little I learn from internet memes. Well, Lil' Wayne has 'released' his D4 thing. On one of the "songs", named Green Ranger, he raps with artist J. Cole. Cole is unremarkable in terms of being an inspiring figure in my life. But I'm sure he has fans all over the world. That's awesome. According to the 5 minutes of research I did Cole went to St. John's for undergrad. That's important, because that's also the school that Mark Jackson went to. Why is this important? Well, because the 'lyrics' in Green Ranger explain Cole's admiration for Jackson, while reducing the Utah Jazz to being 'boring'. Keep in mind, this is a guy who graduated magna cum laude from a real university . . .

(Explicit lyrics after the jump)

The Mark Jackson / Utah Jazz section of "Green Ranger":


Yeah, I guess the Jazz are boring because a guy who uses the F-Word a lot and likes Mark Jackson says so? Or perhaps being like the Utah Jazz and being boring are two different, independent states? I'm sure a magna cum laude graduate from Mark Jackson's school must be "hella" smart, so I wouldn't put it past him to be able to tell a story on multiple levels.

Just, you know, none of them in English.

You can listen to the "song" where Cole and Wayne rap here. Somehow I don't think they'll be teaching this in school like they teach Bach.


Mark Jackson and the Jazz:

I'll just let Moni take care of this one: