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The Assistant Coaches and Throwing Punches Edition -The Downbeat #833

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

David Locke has been throwing out names (just his ideas not insider info) for the now vacant position of assistant coach on the Jazz. Most recently he mentioned Brad Jones. Brad Jones is a current coach for the San Antonio Toros of the D-League. Jones spent a few years as head coach of the Utah Flash. I was able to interview Jones at one of the Flash's training camps. I enjoyed talking to him. Jones seemed very knowledgeable about basketball in general and about the Utah Jazz. Plus he is Jerry Sloan's nephew :)

Other names that came up from Locke were Randy Livingston and Eric Musselman. Then I discovered this tweet


So did Locke think of these names because of this rumor or did Fletcher read Locke's tweets and misinterpret them.

I just discovered these tweets as after I wrote the above info I went looking for more and discovered them ( I missed them earlier as I was off twitter and had a girls night out last night) now while researching for this downbeat




So if the Jazz are at risk of losing Al Jeffereson in the off-season like this little article suggests do the Jazz trade him or do like they did with Boozer. Or is Al a Jazzman for life?

After missing out on Deron Williams, the Mavs may wind up with more flexibility next offseason than this one. Either way, it won't keep the Mavericks from taking another big swing at a superstar-level player -- or perhaps two of them. [Al Jefferson is] one of the most under-the-radar centers in the league. Will he make it to free agency? Hard to predict. Utah knows how important he is on the floor. ... But has the Jefferson-Paul Millsap tandem gone as far as it can go? ... If you like him, he should be gettable. And he might come at slightly below maximum-level money, which could free up some cash to perhaps also get one of the other A-listers. The big "if" is whether he would pair well with a star point guard like [Chris Paul].

Enes has been tweeting more:



So Kiki Vandeweghe had some good years. I don't remember much about his play, But his stats are pretty good. For those that remember Kiki what do you think he can teach Enes?

We have a young coaching staff with Layden gone, and they definitely haven't had much experience working together. If you could give the coaching staff one piece of advice what would it be?

Fun times please watch its funny even though the sound is bad. And look at rookie Stockton playing important minutes in the playoffs!