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Jazz Coaching Vacancies Filled: Mike Sanders promoted and Brad Jones hired

This just happened. Here's the tweet from the Jazz official feed:


And I don't really care who said it first. The guys in the know are good with this, and feel like every coach is going to help out in a number of different areas. No need for 'specialists' (aka. Big men coaches). I don't know how good a coach either of these guys are, but I know that Scott Layden was amazing. It's going to be interesting though. We have two #3 draft picks who both are super young, super raw, have almost no college experience, and do not get playing time here at the NBA level. Why would we even be interested in a legit bigman coach? It's not like we need one, right?

Additionally, the Jazz pulled the trigger early, I never got a chance to do posts on the potential coaches you guys suggested I look into. Blurg . . .