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The Requested Segregration Edition - The Downbeat - #834

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Jazz fan Mark Jay Wahlen (@MarkJW_echo1) recently had the opportunity to tour the ESA and locker rooms.

The most interesting thing Mark learned, in my opinion, was this:

Mark also got a pic of the Jazz's uniform guide, which interestingly enough includes a headband (that "must be worn on head only"):

Here's Gary Briggs' chiropractic and shoe shine stand:

For more, check out @MarkJW_echo1's timeline.

(Images posted with permission)

Al or Paul?

Just kidding.

Seriously, I was just kidding. Don't answer that.

A story about a pickup game this summer, as related by Randy Rigby, who heard it from Kevin O'Connor:

They had...two-on-two games between the older guys, Al and Paul, against our young guys, Enes and Derrick Favors. Well, apparently Al made a great move on Enes and went to dunk the ball. Out of nowhere, Derrick Favors comes in and just swipes the ball away and just puts it down on him. And Al Jefferson turns around and says, "This was none of your business, young man."

A thought on Al: Coach Pop is famous for his micro-practices, i.e. he conducts practice by going through each play with his players step by step and physically moving them if they're six inches off where they should be.

I don't think Al's defensive deficiencies are due to laziness or indifference or resistance to work. I think he just honestly doesn't know where he's supposed to be or what he should be doing sometimes, and would gladly put in the work to improve defensively. If Al had a coach work with him on the Jazz's defensive rotations the way Pop does with his players, do you think this would make a difference?

Speaking of coaches, here are some of the things we learned about our coaching staff in the past 12 hours:

1) Mike Sanders has been promoted to assistant; Brad Jones has been hired as assistant and player development coach. (Jody Genessy has the scoop.)
2) Sidney Lowe is probably the top assistant, followed by Jeff Hornacek, followed by Mike Sanders.
3) The Jazz/Corbin have no plans to hire a big man coach.
4) No one has any specific responsibilities. Corbin: "Helping us getting better; that's everybody's [job]. Whatever that takes. You know, we don't have a guy that concentrating just on defense [or] one guy concentrating on offense."

Y'all cool with that?

Thank you to Coach Couch for saying last week that you like the Getting to Know You bit. :)

This week, I'm asking everyone: Which celebrity occupies the #1 spot on your freebie list?