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SB Nation's Tom Ziller picks out a "reasonably objective list" of NBA Breakout Candidates. Agree or disagree?

First of all, the upcoming NBA season is nearly upon us. With a new year comes a new set of story lines. Some players get better over the offseason. Others are moved to new teams. Still others are more capable of filling in already preexisting roles. What needs to be said, though, is that while there is a normal level of quality dynamics that happens every year, every year we still list a number of guys who we think are going to "Breakout!"

Tom Ziller made a great list of who he thinks could break out and goes over each player in more detail than I'm going to go into here. Check out his post at the mothership here. The list is special because, well, see for yourself:

No, this list isn't "interesting" because the Memphis Grizzlies look to be the "All-Breakout" team -- it's interesting because except in two cases, it's all Western Conference players. If there was a Jazz player to break out this year, who's your pick? Derrick Favors? Alec Burks? Enes Kanter? Someone else? No one? Bear?