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Utah Jazz Roster 2012-13: Which newcomer is going to make the biggest impact?

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We lost a number of guys this off-season. Utah Jazz starters Devin Harris and Josh Howard was gone. So is bench morale guy Blake Ahearn. One of our coveted trade exceptions are gone as well. For the first time since 2004 we're not going to have C.J. Miles on our team either. Even crazier to me is that we're going to be with ZERO Layden family members on our team this year.

All that said, the Jazz did add a number of pieces. We added former Clippers guards Mo Williams and Randy Foye. Stole the #2 draft pick (from 2005....) away from the Hawks in Marvin Williams. Snagged Shan Forster from the Mavs in a four team trade. And drafted Kevin Murphy. The off-season brought some front office and coaching changes as well. The Jazz added Dennis Lindsey from the Spurs to be our assistant GM. (Executive? I don't remember...) (Thanks Yucca!); and brought in former Utah Flash coach Brad Brian Jones to be part of our bench (Thanks Amar!).