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Utah Jazz Guard Kevin Murphy is . . . doing okay.

Murph is playing minutes for Reno right now, but he's scoring points with the Jazz.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

I'm almost certain that we're not ALL watching the NBDL games Kevin Murphy plays . . . even though every single one of them are available for free online at because of the NBDL partnership with the popular media website. Because most of us aren't I thought I just update you with the stats of his action in the 11 games he's played so far (started in 9 of them). The Jazz aren't letting him go Morris Almond down there, and Murphy has the tools to do exactly that as the former "only option" on a small school tendency.


Basically, he's doing okay. He's doing a bit of everything and this is important because:

a) It is clear that the Utah Jazz didn't go out there and tell him it would be okay to score like crazy and do nothing else (and he listened)

b) It is clear the the Utah Jazz didn't tell the Reno Bighorns to play him (and they listened)

and c) It is clear that life for him must be really hard because he has a newborn that he's so far from right now, and that must suck. That's a super stressful situation to be in and can only be negatively affecting his performance. But he's fighting through that.

All things considered I think he's doing okay. And that's what we want from him. And he'll only get better by playing more at this stage of his development. And with Reno he's getting a chance to do exactly that. Keep it up Kevin, and you will find greener pastures back in the NBA.