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The Beautiful Basketball Edition- The Downbeat #936

Another Thursday morning downbeat following a great Wednesday night win. Alec Burks and Hayward continue to impress. The Kings moving to Seattle and dirty dirty Matt.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Another Thursday morning downbeat, another Wednesday night win, that's how we roll. Yesterday the Jazz defeated the Charlotte Bobcats. It was an early game, if you live in MT maybe you didn't even know the game was on till it was over. 5:00 p.m. starts are so hard during the week.

I am happy that even though some of us couldn't show up to the game on time, the Jazz did. The Jazz started well which is a nice change of pace from the lousy starts that we had been seeing recently from the Jazz. As we have stated in the past, it used to be that when the starters were on the court (as a unit) it would be the time that we'd tweet more, catch up on the game thread, eat dinner, fold our laundry etc. Usually from the starters we'd see uninspiring ball, boring iso ball. Well last night was different!

The Jazz starters looked good. I said it on the Immediate Post Game Reaction Video but its worth repeating... if how Millsap and Jefferson played together last night is what Kevin O' Connor's had envision all along with these two than BRAVO to KOC!

It was so nice to see Al and Paul play well with each other and not just stay on the left and right block respectively. Good job boys.

Ty spoiled us again with that incredible lineup of Burks, Hayward and Foye all playing together. It is so fun to watch, they are amazing defensively and share the ball so well offensively. So do you think Ty continues with this lineup when Mo returns? He is a great coach when it comes to doing things out of necessity but when his hands aren't forced he seems to be conservative and more of the traditional and play it safe coach.

BBJ tweets:



Do we agree with Kris? I mean last year we saw it with Josh Howard getting to start in the playoffs even though others helped us win the #playoffpush. Ty discovered the Big 3 lineup due to injuries and he used it only selectively later.

Now with this fun new lineup I wonder how much we'll see it when Mo is back. I imagine he could have played Earl in the 2nd half to play it safe but he didn't, he could have ended the game against Dallas (since this one wasn't in question) with Tinsley or Watson but he didn't. I am happy Ty is experimenting and doing "unconventional" things to help our players succeed lets hope he keeps it up when Mo returns.

I do like that he is changing how we use Burks and Hayward. It seemed like at the beginning of the year when Burks was struggling they were trying to use him as if he was Foye and Hayward was being used the same (as a spot-up shooter) in the starting lineup earlier this year and the same last year. I am happy they are no longer asked to play that way and instead are being asked to create, score of screens and cuts. Its beautiful ball again!!!

With the Jazz clicking as well as they are its hard to picture any of our guys leaving. We know its a possibility and highly likely that our team will look quite different next season. Ian Thomsen wrote a great piece on Paul Millsap and his pending free agency.

Jerry Sloan has retired (for now) and Deron Williams was dealt when the Jazz became convinced that he wanted to leave. Millsap doesn't necessarily want to follow them out of town.

"It always felt like a match made in heaven,'' he said of his association with the Jazz. "I always felt like this is where I was supposed to be. But if it doesn't happen, I've got to move on. Go to the next thing. Right now I'm here, trying to make the best of it. We'll see what happens from there.''

Millsap on the possibility of change:

"At least somebody wants you, so you can't really be hurt about that,'' Millsap said. "I don't have a problem with change if that's the case. I feel like I'm a guy that can adjust to whatever situation is thrown in front of him. For me, I hope it's here [in Utah]. But if not, you know, I've got to go.''

Yesterday there was big huge NBA breaking news. Everyone has probably heard but it has been said that the Maloof brothers have come to an agreement with a group (a hedgefund group lead by Chris Hansen and Microsoft Chairman Steve Ballmer ) to buy the Kings. The group lead by Hansen and Ballmer plan on moving the KIngs to Seattle.

While I am happy that Seattle will have a team again. I do not like AT ALL how this is happening. One the Kings aren't the Sonics. So even though they'll be named the Sonics and be in Seattle we all know that the Thunder are the Sonics. Two I do not like that the fans in Sacramento who have been great faithful fans are getting screwed.

It doesn't matter to me that this group has been upfront about moving the team and Clay Bennett was not and mislead the people of Seattle. It doesn't matter because the end result is the same another small market team having their team stolen from them.

Sad day for Kings fans. Who we'll always love because of this. (Thanks to Moni for the video)

Lastly one of the best #UDQM's ever! (Again thanks to Moni for the video)