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The Downbeat: Approved By Mama Edition

Jazz beat the Heat, Hayward plays huge AGAIN, Al comes up big, @DJJazzJody photobombs, and @My_Lo shows some hidden Jazz apparel gems.

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So evidently the Jazz and Heat always come down to the last seconds. Who knew, right? The Jazz have been having some close games in the final seconds. In fact in the Jazz's last three games they have been absolutely stellar through three quarters. No really.

Here is the Jazz's scoring margin through the first three quarters of the last three games.


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The Jazz have been stellar. In fact they are ranked 6th in the league in scoring margin through the first three quarters of their last three games. That's amazing. the Jazz are outscoring their opponents by an average of 9.3 points a game. That's amazing. Unfortunately, there are four quarters to a basketball game.


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The Jazz have been absolutely horrible the last 3 games in the fourth quarter. Luckily the Jazz held on to their lead tonight. Amazing that they were able to hold on to it against such a talented team like the Heat.


Yesterday Clark reminded us all about the Millsap Doctrine. It might be time to canonize a new section in the Millsap Doctrine and add Hayward as an addendum. Take a look at Hayward's line tonight:

22 POINTS, 2 REBOUNDS, 4 ASSISTS, 8/13 FG, 3/4 3 PT, 3/4 FT, 27 MINUTES

You know. Pretty ho-hum. It might be time to see what happens when you put a highly effective player in limited minutes into extended minutes.

Big Al had himself a game as well. This is just the eye test before we get back into stats, but Big Al is playing huge. Yes, Al got victimized on the Pick N Roll in the 4th quarter repeatedly by LeBron James and, cough cough, Joel Anthony. But he also was huge on the offensive end. Big Al and Millsap have definitely got a great chemistry going these last few games. Big Al was a huge reason the Jazz controlled the boards against Miami tonight. Miami had zero, count it, zero second chance points. That's phenomenal. Big Al had such a big game that:



Go here and here to see @DJJazzyJody photobombing Ty Corbin. Proving to everyone that you may be able to impress Big Al's Mama but you can't impress @DJJazzyJody.



Something I've wanted to start for some time is showing my favorite Jazz stuff that I find in stores. I work in apparel and I love sports clothes that go beyond just the mundane (aka t-shirt cannon giveaways). I want to put in the disclaimer that I'm not trying to pitch you anything. I just think these are off the hook. Also, if you any of you have cool apparel or Jazz items I'll be sure to feature them here. Would you guys like a weekly feature (aside from the downbeat) where I show off some hidden Jazz apparel, house, and gift items that are unique? Let me know. Here's my items of the week:


It's like a starter jacket mixed with a hoody. I like the look and trust me it's comfy.

For the ladies:


I like this one for the painted style of the letters and more edgy look of Utah Jazz. Plus, Sportique (the brand that makes this) is really coming on strong to the whole licensed apparel game. They have some awesome stuff. If you're ever looking for something unique find Sportique. You won't be disappointed.