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Looking at Jazz and NBA Trades - The Clark and Andy Show on SLCDunk Radio

Clark, Andy, and special guest star Peter discuss some possible trades for the Utah Jazz and around the NBA. Do the Jazz make a move this trade deadline? If so, which one?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode, Clark and Andy invite Peter Novak on the show to discuss trades. First, we look at the NBA as a whole... which teams are likely to make moves before the trade deadline? Next, we focus in on the Utah Jazz. What trades are the team likely to make? What are the Jazz' options in the trade market, and can they get good value back for Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson? All that and more on this week's Clark and Andy Show!

Listen to us using the nifty widget below, or as always, listen to us on iTunes or Stitcher Radio. The mp3 link is also below the widget, if you need to listen using that.

Looking at Jazz and NBA Trades - Clark and Andy Show on SLCDunk Radio