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Jazz Beat the Cavs- Quick Postgame Recap

Utah Jazz after a four day break beats the Cleveland Cavaliers 109-98

no photos yet from the game against the Cavs so Millsap against the Heat
no photos yet from the game against the Cavs so Millsap against the Heat
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like we haven't had a game in weeks, finally tonight the wait was over. The Jazz finally played a game tonight after a long long break. The Jazz welcomed home CJ Miles to the ESA tonight. The crowd cheered CJ during player intros so maybe our classless reputation can be laid to rest now?

The Jazz were off to a sluggish start which was expected after four days off. CJ started off pretty well for the Cavs. CJ Miles had five points in the first quarter. Randy Foye kept the Jazz in the game in the first quarter. Foye scored 8 of his 20 points in the quarter. The Jazz came back from six down to lead by three at the end of the quarter.

The bench struggled a bit before finding their rhythm except for Favors, he was just awesome from the get go. The 2nd quarter was nothing spectacular the Jazz outscored the Cavs by two to take a five point lead into the half.

The third quarter is where the Jazz broke the game open (its becoming a very strong quarter for the Jazz lately). Its been fun and happy to be a Jazz fan during the third quarter of games lately :) Jazz started the quarter on a 5-0 run and never looked back.

Favors hit his first seven shots of the game. We were rooting for 8-8 but that didn't happen. According to @Jazzbasketball1 only 14 times in Jazz history has a Jazz player started a game 8-8.

Enes hit 7-8 of his shots. Enes had 14 points in 18 minutues! Enes should get more than 18 minutes especially in a game like tonights game.

The Jazz finished with 30 assists and 46 rebounds, it felt like a Jazz game of old! The Jazz did a great job of running their offense. The big men passed the ball great tonight.

The Jazz did a great job of running and crossings and not just running to spots (according to Phil Johnson on the post game).

Sad part of the night was Burks only playing four minutes tonight.





Jazz have now won 7-of-9. Way to go Jazz! Share your thoughts of the game in the comments :)