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High Notes #15

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By Spencer Campbell

A Sit Down With CJ Miles... Fantastic interview with former Jazz man CJ Miles.

Clint: Which teammate(s) do you miss most from your time here in Salt Lake City with the Utah Jazz?

CJ: I most definitely miss laughing at Jeremy [Evans] and G-Time (Gordon Hayward) argue with each other [laughs].

Utah Jazz Interview with CJ Miles.... Transcription by @Monilogue

** What was Jerry Sloan’s impact on you as a person (not as a player)? A lot, as far as professionalism. Like, as far as, like, the way you do things, the way you carry yourself. As far as mental toughness and toughness, as far as on and off the court, just preparing yourself for things, as far as life.

Behind Enemy Lines... Game thread

I would sure love to see Millsap in a Cavs jersey next season.

I still love you, Mo.

Whose gonna be better in the long run Kanter, or Tigger?

guys, i want Al Jefferson

The Cavs have three legitimate pieces is Kyrie, Dion, and Waiters. We don’t know about anything else

Salt City Hoops Saturday Show.... I know it is 50 minutes, but arguably the best 50 minutes of the week. An interview with Barry Mendleson of the New Orleans Jazz.

It's Go Time... by Tom Kirkland

This evolving, growing young Jazz team is now "in the Solution", with 15 of their next 20 at home. Now is there great chance (and responsibility) to climb up the playoff ladder.

Randy Foye...on NBATV after the game (Video) via NBA.COM

Four Players poised to take off... (Paul Millsap) via ESPN Fantasy stuff but a small breakdown...

Paul Millsap, SF/PF, Utah Jazz (63): About a month ago, I wrote about Millsap and pointed out that the big problem with his fantasy value wasn't his declining numbers in points and rebounds, but his precipitous fall in steals. This might not have been immediately apparent, but the idea is that a fall from 17 points per game to 15 points per game is much less a big deal than a decline in steals from 1.8 per game to 1.2 per game. Millsap put up big totals in steals for two straight seasons, but he had never done so prior, so it made sense to worry that his prowess in that area may have been fluky or circumstantial.

Fear not, Millsap fans! For the month of January, he's looking a lot more like the player he was last season, averaging 16.9 points, 7.5 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 2.3 steals, 49.5 percent shooting from the floor and 81.6 percent shooting from the line (where he goes with some frequency). That's all really good stuff, but it's the steals that stand out. While it's only eight games, it's reason to think that his second half will be a lot better than his first. There's always the chance that he gets traded, but I'd be inclined to target him in trades in the hope that his quiet resurgence hasn't been noticed by the masses quite yet.

GH not LBJ is the go-to guy down the stretch... via Salt Lake Tribune.

"He can make plays off the dribble,’’ he said. "We couldn’t get it inside to Al, but (Hayward) can make plays on the weak side or come across and make a play for himself or his teammates and he made some shots tonight.’’

Millsap to the Nets Trade rumor

Gordan Hayward Highlights from the best game of his career