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The Pesky Jazz beat the TWolves and Learning From the Original C4- The Downbeat #930

The Jazz beat the Timberwolves 106-84. Mo Williams out for at least six week. Learning from Stockton and Malone.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Jazz won! Yes another downbeat following a Wednesday night win. I feel like I am out of the habit of writing downbeats so thank goodness there was a game last night!

The Jazz won big. I believe it was their second largest margin of victory for the season. The Jazz beat Toronto 131-99 (without Big Al) and last night the Jazz beat those Pesky TWolves by 22 with the final score of 106-84.

It was so fun to be at a game where the Jazz won it has been awhile for me and the fact that they won convincingly was even better!

The big story of course was AK's homecoming. I was happy that there were no boos (at least that i could hear) I cheered so freaking loud. i cheered loud enough for me and Moni!

Moni posted a video of AK's intro:

Isn't it so awesome that the Jazz are perfect in 2013!

The first half was OK the bench got things going in the 2nd quarter but it took a bit. The starters well they started good and then fizzed to allow the TWolves to take a 1 point lead at the end of the 1st quarter.

It felt like this:


I am so glad things changed in the 2nd half for the starters. (They started the 3rd on a 9-0 run). I loved being at the game because you can see things you can't on TV. One thing I noticec that in the first half when the starters were on the court there was no movement at all. The point guard would move and whoever was getting the ball but the rest of the players just stood there with their feet glued to the court.

It was weird to see when you are looking straight onto the court with a good view of all five players. It seemed like in the 1st half the starters or mixture of starters were playing for themselves for the most part (aside from Millsap)

The bench started slugglish but quickly became their awesomeselves!

It worries me when we play selfish ball, sometimes we'll make those shots most of the time we won't. I hope whatever Ty said at half to change that kind of play sticks with the players.

How do you feel about the #contractpushstartinglineup ?

Looking at Popcorn Machine


Millsap had a terrfic game ended with a team high +24

Kanter was super impressive. I get more excited about him everyday. Kanter finished with 15 pts and 7 rbs. Kanter is looking more and more comfortable on the court. We are lucky to have him.

Favors didn't play much. They menioned on 1280 that they may be monitoring his mintues with his plantar faciitis. Players have had their careers end because of it, we don't want that happening to Favors.

Burks was super fun to wach. His last dunk on that breakaway just WOW.

Marvin Williams helped the team get off to a good start and did the little things to give the team energy throughout the game.

Earl was poor at the beginning and improved as the game went on.

Tinsley was fun and well the pass off of Pekovic's bum was well entertaining.

Poor Mo... from the Jazz

Following a second magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test and a consultation between Dr. Michelle Carlson and the Utah Jazz medical staff, it was determined that Williams will undergo surgery on his right thumb on Friday, January 4. Following the procedure, his thumb will be placed in a splint for approximately six weeks, at which point he will be re-evaluated. Williams will be able to participate in conditioning and restricted weight training during this time period.

Now in his 10th NBA season and second stint with the Jazz, Williams (6-1, 195, Alabama) has appeared in 24 games (all starts) this season and is averaging 12.9 points, 2.0 rebounds and 6.7 assists in 31.4 minutes per game. Williams suffered the injury during the second quarter of the Jazz’s December 22 game at Miami and has not played since then.

What are the Jazz going to do with Mo out?

Do we keep depending on Tinsley and Watson?

Do we make a move to bring in a point guard?

We don't have the space so we would have to rid ourselves of Raja or make some kind of trade. I think now is a good time to remember why KOC always liked to carry less than 15 players. Right now the Jazz have no flexibility to bring in a Sundiata Gaines type player like they did when DWill was hurt a few years ago.

So Kobe complained the other day about being old. This was @jazzbasketball1's reponse. i just love Jazz fans!




Yep I could not agree more with Jazzbasketball its all about professionalism. Recently I watched John Stockton's retirement ceremony. I loved watching it, its nice to go back and apprecaite what we had for so many years in Utah, it was a blessing. I got to thinking (thanks to moni) about fate and how John and Karl playing together so well for so many years was fate. I like to think of Larry, Jerry, Karl and John as the orginial C4. They worked so well together because they had the same vision. They all had to work for everything that they were given in life. They all came from humble circumstances, all were underrated. They all came to work everyday and worked hard.

I hope our coaching staff and new C4 go back and learn from the orignial C4, I think our team could learn a lot from how they played the game and how they approached the sport. There is a lot ot be learned for this team to learn from our great Jazz teams of the past.

Some of their greatness in their older years. Never saying they are too old!