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The "Do You Go Flavored or Regular?" Edition - The Downbeat - #931

Whether Randy Rigby likes flavored or regular; the birth of fandom, and BBJ killing it

In case you're not on Twitter or you are on Twitter and missed this, it's the third day of the new year and BBJ (@5kl) is already killing it in 2013.



president Randy Rigby:

This is exciting brand of basketball. There’s great energy...We’ve had some exciting and fun games here, and that’s what a lot of, to me, sports is all about, that I hope we don’t, we don’t lose track of that as well, is, is just the memories that you’re having by bringing family and coming to some of these games, and seeing some great basketball being played.


in Utah:

It was a great ballgame, to your point, Gordon. And, and I think our fans really came out of there really enjoying what they experienced.

This incredible UDQM also happened on 1280 The Zone:

Spencer Checketts: Do you go flavored or regular? That’s an important question.

Randy Rigby: Well, I, I like a variety. I really like the flavored ones. I, I can go with the plain, but I, I’m a variety person…Peach is very good. And so’s the grape.

Paul MillsapDerrick Favors


From the article:

Corbin is a coach searching for anything that works — his team is 3-7 in their last 10 and has lost three in a row. And they had back-to-back games against the hottest teams in the NBA. Corbin was throwing anything and everything against the wall to see what stuck.

I can understand that this is how a national writer might see it, but from the perspective of Jazz fans: Is Corbin trying too hard to search for something that works, or trying too little?

Question inspired by a conversation I had with Diana, that is in particular directed at those that don't have Utah ties or don't love the Jazz just because they are from Utah.

I was reflecting on how I became a Jazz fan and I told Diana that I can't imagine my fandom having taken root with a team that had a coaching carousel, or prima donna franchise players that jumped ship every few years, or an absentee owner that makes more headlines for his off-court shenanigans than his ownership of the team.

You have to be pretty obsessed and love the Jazz a whole lot to be seeking and taking part in Jazz conversations with strangers online. Regardless of whether your love for the Jazz grew from the Stockton/Malone/Jerry years or the Deron/Boozer/Memo/AK years, imagine that you are a baby in the world of sports fandom. Could you see yourself becoming the Jazz fanatic that you are now with the current incarnation of this team--ownership, front office, coaches, players, and all?

How long do we stay perfect in 2013?

(For some reason I can't find the poll button, so your choices are below.)

1 game

2 games

3 games

4 games

5+ games (I may or may not answer to the name "Tyrone Corbin.")