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The Downbeat #935 - The Business Lunch Edition

For enjoyment with your sandwich or reheated leftovers.

"Why are you starting DeMarre Carroll?"
"Why are you starting DeMarre Carroll?"
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Early game in Charlotte, today. Look for your favorite North Carolinian and one half of the Clark & Andy Show (I like to call it the Clandy Show) at the game.

This should go down on the schedule as a W. Should. It is, however, a road game and we all know that anything can happen with this team; especially away from The Solution. Having said that, the Bobcats are not good. At all. I'm not going to spoil all of Amar's game day posts, but the big matchup to watch will be Kemba Walker vs anyone. We got word that DeMarre will be starting, but it will be interesting to see if Burks gets a chance to try and lockdown Walker. As effective as he was on Collison in the 4th quarter on Monday, this is something that Coach Ty will have to consider.

Speaking of Burks, I'm not going to go into full MyLo/ GH mode, but I want to take this portion to profess my fandom for the young man. The biggest part of why I like him, aside from his upside, is his attitude. I love that "swag" and he's got it for miles. I know the tendency is for Jazz fans to love the "blue collar", "hard worker" guy that "brings his lunch pail to every game". Not this one. Frankly, I think those guys have tended to be overplayed and overused, while guys with upside languish on the bench.

I like DeMarre Carroll. I really do. But, I don't understand a team in which he gets more playing time and usage than Burks. Further, aside from how well he jives playing with the other young fellas, I don't quite understand why Burks, who had a fantastic game against the Mavs, isn't rewarded by getting some burn as a starter.

Just sayin'.

I don't know how many of you Dunkers use the Instagram, but there are several Jazz players that have do, and have been pretty good about posting things. Here's a comprehensive list of Jazz IG follows:

Earl Watson: @therealwyco

Mo Williams: @mogotti25

Randy Foye: @foyeboy

Gordon Hayward: @gdhayward

Memo: @mehmetokur13

Jamaal Tinsley: @jatinsley

David Locke: @dlocke09

Official Utah Jazz: @utahjazz

If anyone has any that I'm missing, throw them in the comments.

Looking ahead, this could be an important road trip for the Jazz. Three games, all very winnable, and if they do manage to go 3-0, they would move to a much more respectable 10-14 on the road. Currently, they still sit in last place, but if you look at the Timberwolves ahead of them, things look much rosier. The Jazz have played five more games than the T-Wolves, and the difference is five road games. That's crazy and somewhat promising that the team has fared this well, under this schedule.

Taking this spot to thank all you Dunkers for the great participation and conversation in yesterday's Downbeat. I know that MyLo was extremely pleased and from all of us, I can't begin to say how much we appreciate and love our Jazz community.

Personally, I love it whenever I see something Jazz related show up in Pop Culture. For example, there is a Notorious BIG song, "I Got a Story to Tell" that references the Jazz. *Warning* The song is kinda messed up, and the lyrics and content are definitely NSFW**

What are your favorite pop culture Jazz references? Spot anyone famous wearing Jazz gear?

P.S. I'm either having deja vu, or I've asked this before. If I have, let me know... you lose track after so many DB's.