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Utah Jazz recall Kevin Murphy from Reno in aftermath of Marvin Williams knee injury

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

This is just a quicky, but the Utah Jazz have recalled guard Kevin Murphy from the NBDL's Reno Big Horns, and joined the team in Charlotte today for our game (at 5 pm !) against the Charlotte Bobcats. This was mainly a reaction to Marvin Williams' injury. Marvin has been battling right knee inflammation during parts of the season and it flamed up again against the Dallas Mavericks. He is expected to be out for the rest of this road trip at the very least. Energy guy DeMarre Carroll will get the start tonight.

I last wrote about Murph here -- and his stats haven't really changed much. His full NBDL stats are here. The main beneficiary in all of this seems to be Alec Burks, as Mo Williams is also out right now. Alec has been used this season by Tyrone Corbin as a PG, SG, and SF at different times. Opportunity knocks, but it's up to you to get up there and answer the door.