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The Downbeat #1159 F2: Alec Burks Edition

Next up in today's preferential treatment, Alec Burks.

Alec Burk, dat swag doe.
Alec Burk, dat swag doe.
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

There are 5 installments to today's Downbeat. These will be dropping throughout the morning. One for every member of the F5. There will be 25 points of the Downbeat today. The U.S. Government may have shut down, but not MyLo.  The F5 installment continues with Alec Burks.

F1 - Trey Burke

F2 - Alec Burks

F3 - Gordon Hayward

F4 - Derrick Favors

F5 - Enes Kanter

Dennis Lindsey, General Manager of the Utah Jazz, applauded the offseason work of all the Jazz players, but none more than Alec Burks

Alec Burks has been just very consistent with plugging in to team related activities. He's starting to maximize, you'll notice his body. That's what everybody says. They say, "Oh my gosh he's becoming a man!" He's much more athletic than he was when we got him two years ago. He's more balanced. He had what we call an upper body sway that impacted a some of his lateral movements. So if he's moving to his right putting his foot down and changing direction back to the left, his upper body would move more like a noodle. We wanted it to be a little more over his hips. Hopefully, we have helped his contain defense, in theory.

We know that Alec Burks has been putting in some serious work at P3. As reported by Scott Stevens at, P3's Dr. Elliot declared Alec Burks "the biggest winner". Alec Burks put on 11 lbs this offseason and increased his vertical height by 6 inches. With what we know about P3 and Dennis Lindsey, Alec Burks has increased his max vert, his muscle mass, his balance, and has put in extra work to #getbetter. Impressive.

Alec Burks had one of the funniest responses to a question during media day. When asked by David Locke what he should call Alec during the game because of the impending dilemma of two Burk(es) on the court at the same time Alec Burks quickly retorted this.

Just call me by my government name, Alec.

Nobody tell him that the government is shut down. NOBODY. Let this be the day that #CornerPimp is forever accompanied by #GovernmentName.

Alec Burks may be quiet in interviews about himself but he will stick up for his teammates. Alec Burks was asked about Trey Burke and his struggles during Summer League. This was his response.

People seen him struggle a little bit, but they weren't there for the practices where he was making some pretty amazing things happen. I've been working out with him a lot this summer. With him being in Spokane and P3, he's a great player and going to bring a lot to the team with a bright future.

This will be a recurring theme with 3 of the 4 Core 4. They all keep close to the vest what they have improved upon in the offseason. Alec Burks is no different. While he doesn't share many of the specifics of his offseason workouts and stays humble about his improvement, he is quick to highlight his fellow teammates who are excelling and doing well. I must say I'm impressed by the leadership that the members of the Core 4 are displaying on the first day of training camp. Alec Burks is the guy on this team that needs to be a brother to Trey Burke. It appears he has already accepted this role with open arms.

This tweet better start a revolution. That revolution? Dat #UtahSwagDawg.

Watch out Alec Burks. Seriously, watch out. If you see a giant Turk wearing a Spongebob shirt jumping at you ... run for your dear sweet lip licking life.

You may be able to take the tweets out of Kanter. But you can't take the Kanter out of the tweet.