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Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward featured by NBA #BIGisON Campaign

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

If you watch the NBA Playoffs you know that good teams can make it there, but it's the stars who help determine who wins and loses games. It's important for all teams to have a star, or failing that, to market a player as one. Purists don't believe a star is necessary -- but look at the NBA schedule which is almost entirely determined around market value and social media metrics. The brighter teams (with more stars) play fewer games that are the third game in four nights, or even back to back games. You can't argue with facts.

Another fact that can't be argued is that Utah Jazz guard/forward Gordon Hayward is going to be a star. His opportunities will be there this season, and we've all seen flashes for a few seasons off the bench. He has the talent, but more than that, he's now going to be in an NBA produced, nationally televised commercial.

I got this today from the NBA's Marketing department:

He also reminded me that LAST season featured the most first time All-Stars since 2005. Furthermore:

This is going to be on TV tonight. Watch it here first.

"BIG is On" spotlights the NBA’s rising stars turning on the lights around the league to tip-off an electric 2013 - 2014 season. The spot opens with players in their home arenas in the dark, then lights begin to turn on around them, triggered by their actions. As more players shoot and dribble, more lights turn on. The soulful, a cappella rendition of "This Little Light of Mine" by The Steeles plays in the background that conjures up the double meaning of flipping the switch on the season and each player’s ability to shine on any given night. The energy builds to an ultimate dunk sequence that sends us outside the arenas and into the sky to see how all 30 teams are coming to life across the country.

Exciting PR talk, huh? Yeah. Glad we do not operate that way. We know that G-Time is "Too big, yo"; but now he projects to be an NBA star in the next coming months. Big is On. And this season? Gordon is saying Bring it on.