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Dat Jazz Swag

So ... rapping about John Stockton and Karl Malone is a thing.

Colin Wolf of City Weekly broke it down with the Top 25 Jazz references in Rap. Yeah. This happened.

Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas -- they've all rapped about the Jazz in one way or another and it makes sense. Though Utah isn't necessarily a rap epicenter, the peak of hip-hop's "Golden Era" (the mid to late '90s) occurred at roughly the same time as John Stockton and Karl Malone's prime. Plus, there are plenty of words that rhyme with "Jazz," and, unfortunately for diehard fans, Jordan's crossover on Bryon Russell in the 1998 NBA Finals will be rapped about forever.

Don't believe me? How about a reference Hornacek?

18. "Control schedules, take a clock and I turn it back. Why you talk, I'm in Utah like Hornacek doin' real estate, tryna get another corner shack (whoa)." - Chamillionaire, She Gonna Already Know

Jeff Hornacek was a shooting guard for the Jazz from 1994 to 2000 who was known for his strong work ethic. Chamillionaire is saying that he is willing to hustle extremely hard in order to purchase another home. His posse is impressed by this pronouncement, hence, the "whoa."

John Stockton? You bet your short shorts he's mentioned.

I'm like John Stockton, I don't even have to score. I just make the game better, by bein' out there on the floor." - C-Rayz Walz, Battle Me

John Stockton was known more for his assists rather than for his scoring. So, in other words, he made other players better by just being on the floor. In a rap battle, C-Rayz doesn't even need to speak -- he makes everyone, and the scene, better by just existing.

Karl Malone? Special delivery.

13. "It's like a nail shop the way I work my clientele. Six cell phones, Karl Malone I make the mail." - OJ Da Juicman, Street Lights by Young Scooter ft. Gucci Mane

Juiceman is explaining that the way he distributes drugs is very efficient, like a nail shop, which are known for their speedy service. He also carries six cell phones so that he can keep in contact with his many drug dealers, and when they call, he always "delivers" (Karl Malone's nickname was the Mailman).

Check out the full article for more awesome Jazz references in rap. [Warning: contains explicit language]