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Report: Hayward Likely To Receive Extension

With Derrick Favors extended for four more years, Marc Stein of reports Gordon Hayward is next in line.


After signing their young power forward, Derrick Favors, to an extension worth upwards of 49 million dollars, the Utah Jazz look to extend his 2010 NBA Draft teammate, Gordon Hayward, as well.  Marc Stein, of, is reporting that the Jazz are showing strong indications that they will, indeed, make Hayward a permanent part of the Utah Jazz in the future.

While many had previously thought the Jazz would take a wait and see approach to at least on of the Jazz's 2010 draft picks it now appears that the Jazz want Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors to be part of the future.

[Updated by My_Lo, 10/21/13 12:27 AM EDT ]

Marc Stein is also reporting that said extension would be richer than Derrick Favors deal.

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Marc Stein reports the possible reason for Hayward receiving more money is his increased popularity among front offices around the league.