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The Downbeat #1178: MOAR PREVIEWS!!! Edition

Everybody is writing previews. Also, The Starters.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Lucia of Blazer's Edge has been writing previews for every team in the league.  Today was the Jazz's turn.

Utah Jazz 2013-2014 Season Preview - Blazer's Edge

On most nights, Utah will simply be overpowered by teams with more experience, veteran savvy and respect from the officials. They probably will perform inconsistently as a defensive unit, but they have a lot of length and scary athleticism at a few positions, notably at center and on the wings. The potential for huge blocks and timely steals is certainly there, but they're also likely to get lit up some nights like a pinball machine when their youth shines through in the form of mental mistakes and lapses in judgement.

If you're judging the Jazz' season by wins and losses, stop now*. You're setting yourself up for disappointment. Start thinking about a potential starting lineup including Burke, Hayward, Favors and Kanter, and then consider securing a low-lottery pick in the goldmine of talent that is the 2014 draft.

[*emphasis added]

What I found interesting is Lucia doesn't mention Alec Burks as part of this sexy new starting lineup of the future.  He would be correct.  Most likely the Jazz's lottery pick, or picks depending on Golden State's health, will be a special player.  Say Alec Burks was in this year's draft class he would be drafted in the late 20s.  He would be a bubble prospect in 2014.  That's not a diss on Alec Burks.  It's just highlights how strong this upcoming draft class really is.

Imagine, if you will, if the entire draft class of 2003 went to college, including LeBron James.  That is what this upcoming college basketball season has in store for us.  This draft class is already incredibly deep and every year there are a handful of prospects who were not even projected to be 1st round prospects who play lights out and earn themselves lottery pick status.  Look no further than Marcus Smart last year.  He wasn't even on people's radars before the season began.  This year?  He starts out as college basketball's best point guard prospect and in a race for the first point guard taken in next year's draft along with Dante Exum.

GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY!!!  The Basketball Jones Starters are back!  If you haven't been heard of The Basketball Jones in the past now is your time to become a fan.  They are great.  They are hilarious.  For some god forsaken reason Tas Melas follows me on twitter.  Either way I love them.  Their first podcast dropped yesterday.  They have moved from The Score, ESPN's Canadian equivalent, to NBAtv.  They will be airing weekdays at 5 PM EST on NBAtv.  So set your DVRs.  Subscribe to their podcast.  And listen to the hilarity that is these funny guys.

The Starters |

So this is what having a point guard looks like.

Derrick Favors contract has been pinned down and the exact-ish amounts have been posted at HoopsWorld.  Kudos to Eric Pincus at HoopsWorld who does all these salary breakdowns.  Favors final base salary is $48 million with bonuses that could take him to $53.13 million.  Holy crap, that's a grip-ton of money.

The New Orleans Pelicans are considering adding a live band to their arena.  How awesome is that?

New Orleans Arena ready for business with completion of major interior upgrades |
When the New Orleans Pelicans play their preseason home opener on Wednesday night against the Miami Heat, fans will see a newly renovated interior of the New Orleans Arena that gives the 14-year-old facility a completely different look. Now there are 16 new loge boxes in the lower bowl, which are already sold out for the upcoming season, that includes swivel seating and LED monitors. There's a party perch in the upper bowl where fans can order drinks and mingle at a bar and the Pelicans are considering adding live entertainment that could include a band playing during games.

No poll today.  But what do you all think would be a realistic musical addition to Jazz games?  A Jazz band even though there is no Jazz in Utah?  A drumline similar to the Indiana Pacers Drum Corps?  A DJ like at Oklahoma City games?  A banana stand???