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Game Preview: Utah Jazz (1-5) at Los Angeles Clippers (4-2)

Will the Utah Jazz be able to take revenge against their embarrassing loss against the Clippers nearly two weeks ago?


The Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers meet up for the second time this preseason. The first matchup was a complete bust on the Jazz's side of things. Remember the excitement of our dream, long awaited starting lineup?



Sadly it quickly turned to this after Trey's injury:



Needless to say it was an ugly ugly game in which the Jazz ended up losing 106-74 (that's 32 points btw). There was really no good that could be taken from that ugly ugly game.

Maybe though the Jazz can learn something from Anne of Anne of Green Gables:

" Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"

Today the Jazz have a new game, a game that has not yet been played, a game that has no mistakes in it yet. Yes the last time these same two teams played the Jazz were a horrid mess but that game is finished. Today is a chance for this young team to show the world what they are truly made of that, that they are winners.

We know the Jazz can beat the Clippers even when they are the underdogs. Remember this:

It can be done! Bring back the earlyoops, bring back SWAT LAKE CITY (copyright Jody Genessy). Bring back your winning ways, Utah Jazz.

In 1995 I went to a Jazz/Clippers game. The reason we chose the game we did was because we were spending good money on lower bowl seats and we wanted a guaranteed win. My 1995 self would be laughing silly at the preposterous idea that the Clippers would ever be better than our Utah Jazz. Lets go back to that idea Utah, play so well that the idea of the Clippers beating the Jazz is just silly.

If you want to know what the Clippers are up to check out Coach Nick's video that dropped today on SB Nation about their new offense. It teaches us that good coaches can change EVERYTHING.

Go Jazz! You can win this game I have faith in you.