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Enes the Potential Menace

Utah Jazz Player Previews


Can He Replicate Last Season Offensively?

In a common theme, Enes Kanter should see an increase in the use of possessions from increased playing time. Like Hayward and Favors, Kanter used a high number of possessions when he was on the floor and shouldn't see a large increase in possessions used per minute from last year's (0.5 possessions per minute). Enes Kanter scored a very respectable 0.95 points per possession used last year and there's historical precedence to suggest that Enes Kanter will be able to keep his efficiency up. Unlike Hayward and Favors, Kanter should be able to use his possessions in a similar manner this year. Last season, over 50% of Kanter's possessions were used in post ups and offensive rebounding. The same should be true this season. Kanter will have nights where he is up against the best defensive centers in the league, so it will be interesting to see how he stacks up offensively.

Take a Couple Steps Back

Two areas where Kanter was fantastic last season was in transition situations (Kanter shot 72%) and spot up shooting from 16-23 where Kanter made 44% of his shots from that area. Kanter's ability to keep that clip and more importantly, his ability to stretch out to the 3 point line, will somewhat determine his offensive versatility moving forward. There really is no reason that Kanter can't or shouldn't shoot several 3 pointers a game. Making only 30% of them would make a 3 point shot equal to his ability to hit from 16-23 feet. Maybe he doesn't have that range. But I'd expect Kanter to shoot 40-50 3 pointers this season.

In Kanter's Defense

Kanter is a more offensively polished player than his teammate Derrick Favors, but Kanter also lacks Favors' natural abilities and instincts to play defense. Kanter is nimble for his size and has the tools to be very serviceable defensively, but he is going to have to learn where to position his body and where to be to help his teammates. Kanter is never going to be a shot blocker, but he should be able to use his body and above average post defense to be adequate defensively. But there will certainly be nights when veteran and skilled big men, will befuddle Kanter and put up lots of points on him.

Per 36 Minute Projections for the 2013-14 Season