The Jazz organization is amazing!

So I was lucky enough to get to go down to the ESA today for the free tickets(yes I scored some) I arrived there around 11 am, my wife, two daughters and I. We waited outside in the chilly weather for about 30 minutes at which time the staff invited us in to wait inside. During the wait I bought my oldest daughter a hayward jersey and spoke briefly with David Locke, entertained by the Jazz Bear it was a nice way to pass time. I don't know if any of you know this, but I'm disabled, I was hit by a car, so I use a wheelchair. The way it was set up is we were to go downstairs at 1 to get our tickets. Management noticed me and assured that they would take care of me and we would be escorted down the elevator. At the appointed time they did so and when we got to the ticket counter, we were presented with 6 tickets all lowerbowl in the ADA section. Worth about $100 per ticket. Fyi, the tickets they were giving were worth $5 per. Amazing just a small gesture but very significant. Love my Jazz!

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