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Utah Jazz: Consistency as Fans, and why it's going to be all right

We're going to have our own Fab 5 this year
We're going to have our own Fab 5 this year
Andy Lyons

Hey all, I was on the Phil Naessens show (@FlashTennis31) again, and we got a chance to talk a little about that whole Grantland video preview by Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons. It ruffled some feathers, and I can tell because the majority of my posts rarely get close to getting three digit comments. I'm not a fan of everything those two entertainers said, but it's not forget that when we look at others, we also need to look at ourselves. Phil and I talked for a bit on this, and other Utah Jazz topics . . . but my segment is a short segment in an otherwise awesome show this week. Check it all out at his site here, or alternatively, listen to it below.

And hey, yeah, we may be the #27 team this year, but it's on purpose. And that purpose is to take the pressure off of our coach and players and focus on getting better as a team; and not as individuals. But if we are looking at individuals, our individual players are going to be fine this year too -- specifically Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and Trey Burke.

Also, please note that we need to nominate Phil here. We have a few more days to get this done. Nominations for Podcast of the Year open until October 15, 2013 and are accepted here. The URL for the show is here. Phil does a lot, and has personally helped us out a bit by giving me so much advise and experience for our own podcast aspirations. (Episode #2 and #3 coming this week -- with more goodies to come soon!) So please just go to those sites and give Phil a little recognition for all he does for us, and all the other SB Nation blogs : )