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NBA Breaking News: Utah Jazz coach Karl Malone is ready for the season

Jerry Markland

Yesterday I suggested that new Utah Jazz bigman development coach Karl Malone was raised with some pretty old school values. We've recently seen him give an interview hinting that today's big men do not need to wear so much padding to play basketball. We infer that he was talking about Derrick Favors, because we assume he doesn't spend a lot of time with Rudy Gobert, and Enes Kanter would play shirtless if allowed.

Man, he already lost his voice from yelling at these kids...

Anyway, I also said that it appears as though Karl Malone was raised on two movies:

  • The Ten Commandments
  • and The Deer Hunter

I was going for more the old-school mindgames angle of going to war and how it changes you . . . but . . .

Well, maybe I'm not wrong.

I'm happy Coach Malone is back where we need him the most. I hope his students make it worth his while to be here.