Part 2: Who will have the cap space to make Hayward an offer next Summer

I wrote an explanation in the last post in how I come up with these projected cap space numbers. Read them for better understanding.


Dallas Mavericks- 30 million

Verdict- Hard to know what the Mavericks plan is. Dirk has said he's willing to take a discount, how much? Do they resign Marion? Are they going to be putting all their money on big name free agents again? Hard to know. I think it's possible that they try and sign Hayward, but I don't thin it's as likely as some other teams.

Houston Rockets- 60 million

Verdict- Won't be going after G

Memphis Grizzlies-60+million

Verdict- Even if the Grizz unload Z-Bo, they'll have to be thinking about resigning Ed Davis. They won't be going after G.

New Orleans Pelicans- 55 million

Verdict-They don't have the cap space and already have wings a plenty. No go here.

San Antonio Spurs- 52 million

Not enough cap space here. If Duncan retired after this year, they would have the cap space to go after G, but even if he did I'm pretty sure they're content with Kawhi/Green at the wings.

Denver Nuggets- 61 million

Verdict- They don't have the cap space, and they have plenty of wings anyways. Not happening.

Minnesota Timberwolves- 67 million

Verdict- I'm sure they'd LOVE to have Hayward.... but they don't have the cap space for it.

Oklahoma City Thunder- 67 million

Verdict- I still don't know why the Harden for Hayward/Millsap deal never happened. Hayward would have been a great fill in for Harden. But now Hayward to OKC is even more unlikely, and definitely won't happen through free agency.

Portland Trailblazers- 61 million

Verdict- They've stolen enough Jazz men, I'm glad this one isn't possible.

Golden State Warriors- 63 million

Verdict- Not happening. Thank God.

Los Angelas Clippers- 66 million

Verdict- They don't have the cap space.

Los Angelas Lakers- 11 million

Verdict- Hard to know what Lakers can achieve next Summer. Surely they'll be going after bigger fish than Gordon Hayward right? I know a lot of Jazz fans fear Hayward signing w/ Lakers, but I just don't see it happening. If anything, they'll save their cap space for bigger fish next year.

Phoenix Suns- 30 million

Verdict- This is the one team I'm most afraid of offering Hayward a big contract that will be painful to match. They have tons of cap space, Hayward fits on their roster nicely at either SF or SG, and Hayward already has a great relationship with Jeff Hornaceck. They could possibly move forward w/ Bledsoe/Wiggins/Hayward/Morris twins/Alex Len. We'll see Jazz fans.

Sacramento Kings- 52+million

Verdict- The kings sit w/ only 10 million in potential cap space next year, and that's before they resign Patterson, Thomas, and Vasquez. They won't be in the Hayward running.

So to recap, here are the teams that have the cap space AND seem like a good fit for Gordon: Suns, Mavericks (maybe). That's it! The Eastern Conference has many more teams w/ cap space than the West.

Next article, I'll take a look at how many teams will have space to sign Hayward, along w/ how many wings are in the market next Summer.

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