Corbin will be gone

Our biggest problem right now is that we are reeling. I look at how the team is playing and I see a lot of panic. In this road trip we unraveled. Brook Lopez got abused against Orlando right before he played us and so I wasn't too surprised that he (and the rest of the Brooklyn Nyets) took it at us. The melt down at Boston was enraging, as was the no show against Chicago. This latest fiasco in Toronto didn't even make me bat an eye. But for the players it's made them frantic and they have just about abandoned whatever system there was.

There were more than a few people who thought this would be a low to mid-30's win team, personally I thought we would be a 23-28 win team and while not the worst team one of the 5 worst teams. I just thought our core guys don't know their roles even if they have a lot of potential (which I still believe they do), that our bench is pathetically weak (no NBA quality back up pg or pf/c (no offense to Gobert but he's still very much a project)), and that any injury to one of our main cog's would be devastating and the average NBA starter misses 8 games per season to injury.

I was a big proponent of the tank strategy. It's a great draft and even had we kept the productive vet from last year (Millsap) we'd still be light years from even giving a first round scare. We could only be relevant as a tune-up series. I am a little worried now that this level of awful might make it extremely difficult for the young core to have any growth. The only guy who has shown any is Hayward. Favors flat our disappears, what happened to him blocking shots? Kanter continues to show nice touch but has really really backslid on defensive rebounds and just plain defense. I suppose this should have been expected, as @LostTacoVendor tweeted we have 1 white wing (pretty sure that is trollbait), 2 project bigmen (and both Favors and Kanter are definitely still projects) and 1 whatever the hell Burks is, leading this team and just about nothing behind/supporting them.

I think Corbin is definitely gone and that might be the best thing to come out of this season (minus WIGGINS!!!). I don't know how much of this start is Corbin's fault (the players play but in the system he designs), but I do know that there are teams with comparable talent doing significantly better. Philly, Orlando, Boston sans Rondo, Phoenix all look like only 5-7 legit NBA rotation guys. They have a combined record of 14-13. They will likely all be in the lottery still, injuries will still stall out their young but thin talent. When people say that Sloan never had to deal with such lousy talent I look at these 4 teams and think that there are 4 guys dealing with it right now and they've all got their teams rising to the challenge.

Corbin is gone it's just a matter of when. If DL thinks that this is just a lost season Ty might last the season. But if DL thinks that Ty's presence is hurting our young guys development look for a move to happen sometime next month or when we get to something ugly like 0-15. I don't know what makes the most sense but I would be very very very surprised if Corbin even has another head coaching position in the league. At least he'll be able to keep Sidney Lowe company.

When I was looking at the schedule before the season I thought we would have 1 win to this point (@PHO) so I still think we are capable of winning 28 games but now I think we could win fewer than 20 and that might be more likely.

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