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The Downbeat #1195 - Another Veteran's Day Edition

Jonathan Daniel

Shoutout to all the Dunker Veterans out there. As a Veteran, having to work or go to school on Veteran's Day is the worst. Usually I take the day off. No such luck today.

However, I will be attending the game as the titans of Utah face the mighty Nuggets....

You too could [possibly] go to the game tonight. The Utah Jazz are hosting Military Appreciation Night:

All active, reserve or retired military personnel who provide a valid military identification are eligible for a free ticket at the EnergySolutions Arena box office. Military personnel may also purchase additional seats for their families for just $10.

They'll also be giving away mini flags to everyone at the game.

If you're just a regular ol' Veteran, like myself, it seems you are S.O.L. on this offer.

All cynicism aside, this is a cool thing the Jazz are doing. While I wish it extended to all Vet's, its a great gesture. I also think that the NBA, in general, does a great job with it's NBA Cares- Hoops for Troops program. They do some great things, and their special uniforms are tasteful, which is more than I can say for some sports (I'm looking at you college football)

Did you know that there are a number of players that have played in the NBA and also done military service?

Here's an article from Kurt Helin (NBC's Pro Basketball Talk blog) from a couple of years ago

But more recently, the Mavs drafted Bernard James in the 2012 draft (33rd overall). James was a 6 year Veteran of the Air Force and was a Staff Sergeant

Speaking of uniforms (get it?), has anyone noticed the new warmups the teams are wearing? They are one of the things that changes every season, and I always watch out for them. They can be found here. What do you think?

Finally, a bit of editorial.

Its going to be a long, trying season. As Jazz fans, we're not accustomed to all of this losing. Get used to it. Its easy to get frustrated (you can tell the team is), but it will make for a much less ulcer-inducing season if we gauge each game by the half, quarter, or even by the possession. Try and look at the things that were done correctly on every play. Was a good screen set? Did a player box out well? Were hands in the passing lanes? Did a turnover come from a player making the right pass?

Mind you, I'm not trying to preach how to be a fan. Lord knows there is plenty of that out there. I'm simply saying that for the sake of my physical and mental health, that's the way I'm approaching this season.

Dunk on.