Looking for Support in the "Bafflement Report"

Yesterday I posted my first "Bafflement Report," which plans to be a game-by-game synopsis of what baffles me. I don't believe that bafflement or bewilderment is either a positive or negative representation of what happened but is an objective response to the game from a subjective standpoint--wanting what's best for our team.

I'd like help with tonight's game against Denver, if anybody would be willing to do so. Tonight's game is on NBATV and I'll be on a bus from Boston back to Brooklyn. Catching the game at a bar will be impossible for three reasons: one, I'll be on a damn bus; two, LeaguePass won't be available; and three, I won't be able to get to a bar to watch the game, which I guess includes one and two--that's what day drinking does to people, people.

Anyway, I'm trying to make the "Bafflement Report" a post-game report. Moni, Yucca, Amar, and all the others that I cannot name here from a poor memory, they bust their butt on a near daily basis to bring us the Jazz conversation that we look for. And they do a damn fine job of it. The "Bafflement Report" is something I'm trying to put together that is part of my viewpoint but is definitely not limited to it and shouldn't be.

Do I have any volunteers to update the "Bafflement Report" for tonight's game? This is a community and I know this is a brand new concept, but it's not enough to simply support those who do a phenomenal job covering our squad by reading them and commenting on them. I'm sure, based on their writings, that the SLC Dunk page is not an esoteric cabal of fans who "know" what to say and write. I'm sure they'll appreciate it (seriously, made love for those whose efforts on this page are infinite).

Volunteers, por favor?

And keep in mind, although I did mention in the first paragraph but I understand that I've ranted much further than I've wanted to--again, day drinking does things to people--the "Bafflement Report" does not have to be simply negatives. If Rudy Gobert has a 50-20-5-5 game, wouldn't you be baffled? And that's a good thing. (Go Rudy!)

I'm looking forward to seeing some bafflement tomorrow morning!!!

Go Jazz! Get a goddamn win!

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